Curriculum Activities

   Schooling is just not completing lessons and syllabus but teaching them the various skills such as Listening, speaking, reading, writing, observing, reasoning, problem solving, so that they are well equipped to meet the demands of the hour with ease.
   A well equipped English Lab has been set up to facilitate the learners to master in language. Learners are provided a headphone each to better their pronunciation and style of speaking.
   The school also takes pride in providing a well furnished Science Lab and Mathematics Lab to give the learners 'Hands on' experience. Computer knowledge is undoubtedly an essential part of today's life. Hence the students have the opportunity to learn and make presentations as part of the curriculum. Educomp's Smart class, caters to learning through visuals to simplify the process of learning.
   General Assembly is held on a weekly basis. Each class gets a chance to stage a programme in front of an audience. These is to in still confidence and beat stage fear.